Personal Training

Help you set goals.
Specific goals focus your mental and physical efforts to manifest results. Once you know the direction you want to go, a trainer will keep you from cheating yourself out of success by pushing you to set the bar high.

Provide the food and fitness tools you need to achieve your goals.
The volume of fitness and nutrition information available today is overwhelming. When they’re all saying something different, are you supposed to believe the talk show doctor, the celebrity trainer from the yogurt ad, or Joe Blogger who happens to have great abs? Hiring a trainer you trust saves you from having to wade through the sea of opinions on your own. You’ll know you’re getting the latest health and fitness information without wasting your time on fad diets and workouts that fail.

Make every workout effective and efficient.
Optimized, trainer-developed workouts challenge your body allow you to achieve greater results in less time. And by continually changing things up, a trainer helps you avoid that dreaded fitness and weight loss plateau.

Demonstrate proper form and technique.
Bad form means wasted energy—workouts that don’t produce results. More importantly, it can also put you at risk for a serious injury. A trainer’s instruction keeps you safe and maximizes your workout.

Keep you motivated and interested.
By frequently adjusting your routine and challenging you in new ways, a trainer keeps your workouts fresh and ensures you never get tired of the same old routine.

Keep you accountable.
Knowing that someone else is checking in on what you’re eating, how often you’re exercising, and whether you’re making progress is the little extra push you need to say “no” to temptation and “yes” to hard work.

Encourage you.
A great trainer pushes your limits and makes you believe you’re capable of more than you would have ever attempted on your own.

Help you reach goals you didn’t even know you had.
Beyond just dropping a few pounds, a trainer can help you change your body composition, increase your muscle strength, improve cardiovascular health and endurance, develop flexibility, enhance physical and athletic performance, build confidence, feel energized, and more.

Empower you to take charge of your own personal fitness and nutrition.
A trainer who is truly invested in your lifelong success will educate you and offer you the knowledge and tools you need to make it on your own one day.

As Personal Trainer, my job is to educate and challenge my clients so they achieve the results they are all while learning how to make it a permanent lifestyle not just a quick fix.  Weather your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle, compete, or to just improve your overall health I can get you to your goal. I have years of experience, and knowledge to help . With hard work, dedication and consistency, you will get to your goals.

One On One Personal Training, Partner Training and Group Fitness – Free Consultation
Personal training options are available for everyone. One on one and small group sessions are available in the Minneapolis metro area.  In home sessions are also available.   Email me to schedule a free consultation.  We will find the right options for you to reach your goals.

Free Nutritional Coaching when you start an Isagenix Program!


“Kami helped keep me on track with my 90 Day Challenge and with her help and guidance I was the top female weight loss winner!

Mary M.

“Kami is a fantastic trainer. She worked with me to create a custom work out that worked for me. She was able to give me tips that I can take with me on the days I worked out without her guidance. I enjoy working with Kami because she really pays attention to how I am responding, how my workout is going and makes adjustments along the way. She has helped me to understand how to “eat clean” which has vastly helped me to feel better and lose more inches. I have gone down two pants sizes and feel great.”

-Kerrie E.

“I love Kami! She is great and really takes a personal approach when training and gets to know her clients, as well as their physical and emotional goals. “

Kelly M.

“Kami was great to work with as a trainer and nutrition counselor! She’s very mindful of her client’s needs and goals. The nutrition counseling and product suggestions were valuable on my weight loss journey.”

Therese D.